PPE brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the world around us, developing skills useful for a whole range of careers and activities. PPE students have the opportunity to study a curriculum with a balance of breadth and depth, and consciously kept at the cutting-edge.

It encompasses specialist and technical training in economics, philosophy, and social science, together with truly global coverage and in-depth study of increasingly diverse social and political ideas and history. Regent’s typically admits three PPE students each year.

When applying are students asked to submit written work?


Do I need to sit a test?

Yes, candidates for PPE are required to take the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment). Candidates must register themselves by 4 October 2024, and the test will be taken online at a Pearson VUE centre towards the end of October.

What proportion of the teaching in PPE is done by Regent’s tutors and fellows?

Most of the first year is taught in Regent’s, as is about half of the second and third years, depending on which options papers are chosen. The remaining papers are taught by specialists from across the University.

What can a first year student expect to study?

16 tutorials in each of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

How are students in PPE taught?

Students have two to three essays or problem sets each week, which are discussed in depth in tutorials, and they attend lectures. In the second and third year some option papers are taught in faculty/departmental classes.

How close is Regent’s to the faculties/ departments and their libraries?

Philosophy – 7 minute walk. Politics/Economics – 15 minute walk

What do the students say?

“From the moment I started my undergraduate studies here I have found the college to be the perfect community and platform from which to make the most out of everything that Oxford, and the study of PPE in particular, has to offer.”

“Regent’s really is a gem within the University of Oxford; a supportive, friendly community and world class tuition. What more could you want!?”