A joint degree in History and English requires students to think critically about how we define ‘history’ and ‘literature’, and about how the two disciplines interrelate and, in large measure, overlap. Close attention is given to changing methodologies, to the nature of evidence and to styles of argument.

It is assumed that historical documents are just as much ‘texts’ as are poems, plays or novels, and are therefore subject to interpretation as works of narrative, rhetoric and, fundamentally, language. Equally, it is assumed that poems, plays and novels represent historically grounded ways of interpreting a culture. Regent’s typically admits one or two students in History and English each year.

When applying are students asked to submit written work?

Yes. All candidates must submit one piece of written work for History and two pieces for English.

Do I need to sit a test?

Yes, all candidates for History & English must take the History Aptitude Test (HAT), but are NOT required to take the English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT).

How are students in History & English taught?

You will be taught largely in tutorials (either singly or in pairs), and will be expected to attend the relevant lectures, although some of the Optional Subjects are supplemented by seminar classes instead of lectures.

How close is Regent’s to the History and English faculties and libraries?

About 10 minutes for both.

What proportion of the teaching in History & English is done by Regent’s tutors and fellows?

In your first year we ensure that all of our British History papers are taught by a trusted team of Regent’s affiliated tutors. Your Optional Subject will be organised by the History Faculty, which means that you will probably be taught by a specialist at another college. This is standard practice across most colleges. All of your English papers are taught by our in-house team.

What can a first year student expect to study?

In History you will take two papers. You will begin with a period of British History, and in the final term of the year you will take an Optional Subject.  Although this means that you will taker fewer papers than single honours historians, your workload overall will be slightly higher because of your commitments in English.

What do the students say?

“The advantage of doing History and English at a small college like Regent’s is the variety of teaching you see. Alongside the excellent tuition in college that maintains a balance between intellectual discussion and a relaxed attitude to studies, you also go to other colleges for some papers, ensuring you see a variety of different tutors who are all experts on their subject, and also get to develop degree-long relationships with Regent’s tutors.”

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    1 student admitted each year

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    Course information

    A BA in 3 years UCAS code: VQ13
    Deferred entry available
    Grade requirements: AAA

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    Director of Studies

    Dr Leif Dixon

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    RPC Admissions Officer

    +44 (0) 1865 288153