As a postgraduate, you will be part of the Middle Common Room (MCR), which is the graduate social community at Regent’s. You’ll also have access to the College’s catering facilities, and our central location means there are plenty of accommodation options close-by to the College.


Regent’s Park has an agreement with the University’s Graduate Accommodation Office, and we can offer 12 rooms for our own students at Castle Mill, which is located by the train station, and a short walk from the College and City Centre..

Many of our students find their own accommodation, and, as a student city, accommodation is relatively easy to find in Oxford, even as late as August and September before you start. The University’s Graduate Accommodation Office offers a number of rooms, flats and house across the City. Many of our students choose to live with other graduates, quite often in the nearby trendy area of Jericho.


We offer three meals a day Monday to Friday during term: breakfast (8.30am-9.30am), lunch (12.30pm-1.30pm) and dinner (6.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Thurs, 7pm Friday).

All of our meals are served in the main dining hall and are prepared by our in-house catering team. Most meals are cafeteria style, with students only paying for what they eat. There are usually a variety of options to suit different budgets and dietary needs. Unlike many other colleges, we do not currently charge any fixed kitchen charge on top of these meal costs.

On Friday evenings, we have a three-course waiter-served meal, known as Formal Hall, which is when many of the College community come together to round off the week. Students and staff wear gowns and dress more formally, and students may bring their own wine to the tables. Many will often bring guests. Throughout the year, we also host special dinners and events, including: Advent Dinners; the Recognition Formal; Burns’ Night; and special themed food evenings.

Our typical meal prices are as follows:

  • Breakfast: £1.70 continental; £2.60 cooked breakfast
  • Lunch: £3.60 for main course; 80p dessert
  • Dinner: £3.60/£4.60 for main course; 80p dessert
  • Formal Hall: £10.60 for three course, served meal

To help you budget, the average student meal spends per meal during a typical week in 2018-2019 were:

  • Breakfast: £2.39
  • Lunch: £3.95
  • Dinner: £5.45 (includes formal hall, average is £4.16 without)

Social life and community

As a postgraduate, you will be part of the Middle Common Room (MCR), which is the graduate social community at Regent’s. For graduate students, the faculty or department will be the heart of one’s academic life, but the College plays an important role socially and helps you foster long-lasting relationships with other graduates, particularly across different academic disciplines.

The MCR is also the name of the physical common room for the graduate community, and is host to the many social events coordinated by student representatives, such as second desserts after Formal Hall and exchange dinners with other colleges. Every summer, we also host an annual ball, the Final Fling. Graduate members may also make use of the Junior Common Room and its facilities, including the College Bar, open most evenings during term, and its free bean-to-cup coffee machine!

Many of our graduates play an active role in the College and University, whether that be on the sports field, performing in musical or drama productions, or playing a leading role in University societies.

Welfare and support

Our small and friendly community means that we provide an excellent welfare provision to all of our students.  More information can be found on our Student Welfare page.