Regent’s typically admits four students in Human Sciences each year. Human Sciences is an interdisciplinary degree course which enables students to study humans from multiple interconnecting perspectives across the biological and social sciences. Underlying the degree is the recognition that it is important to understand connections among biological, social, and cultural phenomena in order to address the major problems humans face in a rapidly changing world.

Each student’s course of study is organised by Dr Pieter Francois, who teaches social anthropology.


Are applicants required to submit written work?

No written work is required.


Do I need to sit a test?

Yes, candidates for Human Sciences are required to take the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment). Candidates must register themselves by 4 October 2024, and the test will be taken online at a Pearson VUE centre towards the end of October.


How are students in Human Sciences mainly taught?

Students are taught, usually in pairs, in weekly tutorials with some larger centrally organised classes for some parts of the course.


What can a first year student expect to study?

In the first year students study ecology, evolution, physiology and genetics on the biological side of the course and social anthropology, human geography, sociology and demography on the social and cultural side of the course. They also study statistics using a computer programme called Python.

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    4 students admitted each year

    Regent’s typically admits four students in Human Sciences each year.

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    Course Information

    A BA in 3 years UCAS code: BCL0
    Grade requirements: AAA

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    Director of Studies

    Pieter Francois

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    RPC Admissions Officer

    +44 (0) 1865 288153

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