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Those preparing for ordination who already have a Theology degree take postgraduate courses in applied theology. The MTh course may be taken either full-time in two years, or part-time in three or four years, or in a combination of full- and part-time. Often ministerial candidates take the course full-time when they are college-based and part-time when they are congregation-based. (Those graduates without a Theology degree sometimes take the Faculty’s Postgraduate Diploma in Theology as a kind of conversion course to theological study first.)

The MTh and the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Theology are designed to enable theological reflection upon experience in pastoral practice, mainly but not only in the context of ministry in the church. Those engaged in training for Baptist ministry will find themselves sharing lectures with ordinands from the Church of England and, occasionally, other denominations. The course group typically also includes those recently ordained as Baptists or in other traditions, and others on the course to enhance lay ministry or their career development — it’s a stimulating group!

In Part One (the Postgraduate Diploma) students take four modules, each assessed by a 7,000 word essay. They must study Doctrine, Context and Practice, and submit an Experiential project with theological reflection based on a placement experience. They then take two other modules of their choice from a list including the use of the Bible, spirituality, worship, ethics, mission, inter-faith issues, ecclesiology, science and faith, sociology, and psychology.

In Part Two students submit their dissertation on an approved subject of their choice which may, or may not, be based on work submitted in Part One.  Successful completion of the MTh can lead to doctoral work for suitable candidates.

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