In Dialogue: Michèle Le Doeuff and Kate Kirkpatrick

Date: 3rd May 2024

Time: 4:00 pm

To celebrate the publication of a collection introduced and curated by the late philosopher Pamela Sue Anderson, In Dialogue with Michèle Le Dœuff, this conversation will introduce and explore ways Le Dœuff’s work creatively disrupts established notions of what philosophy might be. Far from being a discipline about the leader and the disciple, a hierarchy of knowledge and paternalism, Le Dœuff proposes a philosophy of dialogue and friendship. The encounters in this book show how openness and generosity can be the starting point of truly rigorous thinking—about feminism, joy, memory, friendship, and the importance of a key Le Dœuffian concept, the imaginary.

Wine reception to follow

16:00–17:30, Friday 3 May

The Collier Room, Regent’s Park College