Dr Larry Kreitzer



The Revd Dr Larry Kreitzer

Tutorial Fellow in New Testament and Tutor for Graduates

Research Interests:
Pauline studies, particularly the relationship between christology and eschatology; Jewish apocalyptic literature; the apocalypse of John; numismatic research as applied to New Testament studies; the New Testament & modern literature and film; the Corinthian Correspondence; the Epistle to the Ephesians; 17th-century Baptists in Oxford and London.

General Interests:
Dr. Kreitzer is a Fellow at Regent’s  Park  College  where he has been based since 1986; he is also the Tutor for Graduate  Admissions at the college. In addition, Dr. Kreitzer holds a Research  Lectureship within the Faculty of Theology. He is a member of the  Society of New Testament Studies and served on the Editorial Board for  the Journal for the Study of the New Testament from 1998-2012. He is  married to Dr. Deborah W. Rooke, a Tutor of Old Testament who is an  Associate Member of the Theology Faculty.



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