My background is in Practical Theology, specialising in liturgy and the ecumenical movement of the twentieth century.  In recent years, I have focused on the interface between theology and society, with specific attention to Restorative Justice.  With colleagues in Oxford, Sheffield and Ulster, I am now leading an ethnographic research project on the place of forgiveness within Restorative Justice conferencing.

As an undergraduate, I read Theology at Oxford and trained for Ministry in the Baptist denomination at Regent’s Park.  Since then, I have been Director of Programmes for the Churches’ Response to Humanitarian Disasters and Refugee Concerns at the World Council of Churches in Geneva (1988-99), and Deputy General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (1999-2004).  In 2012, I took a PhD from the University of Birmingham.

My role in College

As Chaplain (since 2007) and Fellow for Welfare (since 2017), I coordinate Chaplaincy and the College’s pastoral provision, working with colleagues in a range of capacities to foster an inclusive and supportive ethos in the College.  I am always pleased to hear from members of the community, who are welcome to arrange a time to meet and talk by email.

Selected Quote

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” Desmond Tutu
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