I am a practical theologian with a passion for Theological Action Research and the four theological voices approach. I am interested in reflecting with people together in the context of a participatory research setting towards changed (and faithful) action. More broadly, I am invested in finding ways of working at the intersection between practical theology, ecclesial praxis, and social/health care organisations.

As a post-doctoral research fellow, I am employed by the Centre for Baptist Studies at Regent’s Park College and funded by the William Leech Research Fund. I am committed to a theological action research project in the North East of England, the ‘Reflecting Together Project‘, inquiring into experiences of loneliness and isolation, until November 2024.

I was awarded my doctorate in Practical Theology by the University of St Andrews in summer 2023. My thesis “Espoused voices in creative tension: what case studies of Christian congregations in Scotland and Germany reveal about mission as fresh expressing church” uses Theological Action Research in the context of four local congregations, tackling experiences and questions of mission, as well as the purpose of the local church.

Due to my upbringing, my German background and academic development, I appreciate the intercultural exchange in practical theology and congregational studies. I have benefited from theological education in the US, German, and UK context. I have worked in developmental roles within a local church context, including as a parish expert worker, and have some work experience in the field of social work.