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Centre for Baptist History and Heritage

The Centre works in partnership with the Angus Library and Archive at Regent's Park College and with the Baptist Historical Society.
Information about programmes, lectures, projects and resources can be found through the panel index on the left of this page.

The Aims of the Centre are:

to develop research and scholarship in Baptist history and theology

to relate Baptist history and theology to Baptist life and principles today

to cultivate awareness of resources for Baptist studies that exist in the Angus Library and elsewhere

to share stories of Baptist life with the wider world

The Centre pursues its aims by:

providing College membership for students studying for research degrees in related areas
Offering research facilities to visiting scholars
organizing lecture series, seminars and consultations of international significance and publishing these in an appropriate form
drawing on the facilities of the Angus Library at the highest academic level
appointing leading specialists as advisors to develop an international network of distinguished Baptist historians and theologians
appointing Fellows and Research students of the Centre
encouraging local churches to record and preserve their histories
Developing publications in cooperation with others to forward all these aims

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